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August 9, 2018

I have shared a little bit of my skincare routine (read that here) before, but I have added a new part! I love it so much that I wanted to share it with you today!


Before, I was using the Clarisonic Mia to wash my face. It has a cult following and I loved mine for the four years I used it. However, the on/off switch on mine broke and I could no longer get all of the benefits of cleansing my face with it! I was also starting to breakout on my forehead so I knew it was time to get another face-cleansing device. 


THEN, my sister got me a Zoe for graduation to replace my Clarisonic and I'm obsessed! We both heard about it from Jordan Harper on Instagram (side note:  she's a cosmetic nurse practitioner in Charleston and you NEED to follow her! My entire skincare routine is now based on her suggestions). She is giving away a Zoe device right now (8/9/18) on Instagram! So go check that out and enter!

The Zoe is a sonic, silicone beauty device that cleanses your skin, applies your serum/oil, and massages your face! It's triangular shaped which makes it perfect for getting to hard-to-reach places like around your eyes and nose. It also has EIGHT different vibration settings so you can use a higher (faster vibration) setting for a really deep clean and a lower (slow vibration) to really work your serums into your skin. The Zoe is also two-sided. One side has very fine silicone branches and the other side has fibers that are larger in diameter and rounder for a gentle application of products. 

I think my favorite part about it is that it is silicone as it is made with an antimicrobial silicone to decrease breakouts. I also love it because it is so easy to clean with soap and water and dries out nicely. I think the main problem with Clarisonic Mias is that they are susceptible to bacterial growth because the hairs take sooo long to dry! With the Zoe, I never have to worry about this getting messed up or messing other things up while I travel. 

The gentler side is for application of serums/oils and let me tell you, it is wayyy better than using your fingers! This is because the skin on your fingers absorbs your product. The Zoe won't absorb anything, so you can get more out of that expensive serum you paid for! 

P.S:  here is the serum I use! Vitamin C serums help combat UV damage to your skin, brighten it, and prevent aging! I love mine!

The breakouts on my forehead cleared right up after switching to the Zoe. I use this morning and night and can tell you that it is my favorite and most effective part of my skincare routine!

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