Long Weekend in NYC Part 2

July 19, 2018

Today is Part 2 of my long weekend trip with my sister and cousin in NYC! Today I am sharing all of the things about Day 3 as well as a written out itinerary and some tips! If you missed part one, click here. 



We knew most of our day would be spent in the Upper West and East side of the city, so we looked for a breakfast place up there that would be relatively affordable and delicious and found Kirsch Bakery and Kitchen! I can not even tell you how great this French toast was! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

So light and fluffy, but crispy on the outside and spongey on the inside! I got the Peanut Butter Chocolate French Toast (this is my love language), Maddie got the Mascarpone Cream & Mixed Berry Jam French Toast, and Kacie got the Omelette. We all left VERY happy and full. 


Next, we stopped by Levain Bakery (because it was close, not because we were ready for a cookie after that breakfast). 

If you look up Levain's location on Instagram and look at people's pictures and videos, you will be dying to go there like I was! Their chocolate chip cookies are so big and gooey! It was really delicious, but my cookie tasted EXACTLY like my grandma's cookie recipe! Would y'all be interested in a post with that recipe?


After Levain, we headed to Cathedral of St. John the Divine. This place was absolutely stunning! It also felt so sacred being there on a Sunday with a service going on. We actually got there at a good time and were able to sit through and participate in their morning service. It was beautiful!

Then we were on our way to Central Park. Of course, the entrance we used for Central Park was next to the American Museum of Natural History so we had to pop in and see all the Night at the Museum Characters. 


The way we did Central Park was probably our most favorite thing of the entire trip. And it wasn't even planned! So, when we got into Central Park, we had all these sites we wanted to see, tons of walking to do, it was the middle of the day, and so hot. We were lacking motivation to get to everything on our list. But then, this cute man drives up on his cute pedicab (a bicycle with a cart on the back) all decorated with flowers (and most importantly shade). He told us he would take us to all of the cool things in Central Park in an hour, take our picture at these places, and it would cost $30. Let me tell you:  best $30 ever spent. 

Without Ali, there is no way we would have gotten to see Central Park, get the other things checked off our itinerary, and stay sane. 

After Central Park, we headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This was my first time going inside the museum and I was so excited! The Heavenly Bodies exhibit was stunning! 

I wish we had more time to spend at the Met! It would take half the day to see all of the amazing art work! Our plan was to go to the rooftop bar area to lounge and grab a drink, but it was closed due to the heat. Next time, we are going for sure!


The next plan on the list was window shopping on Madison and 5th Avenue. It's just amazing to go to NYC and see the storefronts of these designers I only dream about! We also stopped in the Plaza to explore a little bit and get a snack. 

Running short on time, we booked it back to Tribeca to go shopping at Century 21. Century 21 is basically a HUGE TJ Maxx, but they have a variety of pieces from $15 (but still looking high quality) tops to $2400 D&G dresses. We had so much fun in this store doing some for real shopping and also trying on dresses that were out of our league. 

After shutting Century 21 down, we walked the Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn. I heard the best time to do this was at sunset as the temperature would be cooling down and we would get the most gorgeous view of the sunset behind the skyline. It was really pretty!

For dinner, we ate at Juliana's which was right beside the Brooklyn Bridge. The family that own Juliana's once owned Grimaldi's (a famous NYC pizzeria), but they retired and sold the restaurant along with the business name. After missing the pizza business, the family decided to get back into it but couldn't get the name of their original place back. So, they opened Juliana's right next store! 

This was the best pizza!! Three of us ate one large pizza and when we were done, it was so good that we wanted more! Give me all the mozzarella and basil!


We Ubered back into Manhattan (although we could have subwayed) and went by Junior's for a nice cheesecake dessert!


Monday Morning

We woke up pretty early Monday because we wanted to go to Ellen's Stardust Diner for breakfast. If you go early (like 8 am), there is no line! Stardust Diner is a place where Broadway stars work before they make it to the big stage. While they are waiting your tables, each waiter performs musical numbers. They also did a group number from Les Mis while we were there! I was surprised at how good they were! The food is not the best but the atmosphere is so fun and it's like going to a show!

After breakfast, we did some last-minute souvenir buying for our family, packed up, and took public transport to La Guardia (so easy if you just type it in on Google Maps)!



Okay, these are all based on my opinion! If something doesn't sound like your style then that is ok!!

- Don't splurge on your hotel. We were legit only at our hotel to sleep at night (and we didn't sleep that much) and get ready in the morning. Because we were there so little, it just doesn't seem worth it to me to pay for a super nice room. 

Where to stay. In my opinion, stay in Times Square. Staying in Times Square means you can do all the Times Square things at night instead of wasting precious daytime! Most Times Square places are open until 2 AM, so you have plenty of time at night to go to all of the big stores and shop or just hang around and watch the street performers. There is still so many people out at this time so it isn't scary at all. 

Transportation. Do public transportation for everything possible!! This will save you so much money and I found that taking the subway/bus was often faster than taking a car (because there’s so much traffic)! Buy your Metro Card before you leave the airport. I recommend getting the unlimited seven day pass. It costs $35 so if you take the subway 12 times, you have already gotten more than your money’s worth. It is also nice not to have to calculate how much you need to add to your card when you are in a hurry to get somewhere. Metro Cards also work for the buses! If you use the Maps app on your phone, it outlines each step you will take in public transportation. It is super detailed and you should follow it to a tee!

- Go in with a plan. If you are flying to NYC, you want to get the most out of your trip right? To do this, you must go in with a plan of where you want to go! Doing this also helps you group activities that are in similar areas. Plan everything down to your meals. That way, you know where you are eating is good and you can make reservations if recommended. 

Wear comfortable shoes. I wore these for two days and these for one and our travel home day. 

Get a mobile phone charger. If you want to read about why and which one I used, click here. Or you can go to my Amazon Finds Instagram story highlight reel!


My sister and I did A LOTTT of research for this trip. Some tips came from friends while we found other stuff on the Internet (especially Yelp). So, here is our itinerary:


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