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July 3, 2018

I have had these packing cubes for years, but just started using them because their usefulness finally clicked! They changed the packing game for me during my latest travels so I wanted to share why I love these. 


First off, these come in many colors and each set comes with two large cubes (they are pretty big) and two small cubes (they aren't that small). The measurements are in the Amazon link!


I recently traveled for two weeks to three very different places for very different occasions. With these packing cubes, I was able to pack EVERYTHING I needed for one destination in one big cube and maybe one small cube if I needed it. Then I put all of the cubes in my Vera Bradley duffel bag. At each destination, I was able to only pull out the specific cube(s) for that place. This kept my duffel bag nice and organized and I was able to keep track of everything! No more shirts mysteriously disappearing in the mountain of clothes I usually shove in there. 


Another amazing bonus:  I feel like these saved space! I packed three cubes and shoes, curling wand, and a hair dryer in my Vera Bradley duffel! With the amount of clothes I packed, that was more than usual.


These could also be used if you are going on a one destination trip. For example, pack everything you need for days 1-3 in one or cube and everything you need for days 4-7 in another cube.


If I had a family I was packing for, I would order a different color for each family member. That way, everyone's stuff is separate but organized. 

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