Abacos Islands Adventure

June 29, 2018

Two weeks ago, my family left for our summer vacation in Abacos, Bahamas! Abacos is a chain of super small islands in the Bahamas that are surrounded by sparkly, turquoise waters and known for being a boater's paradise. Today, I wanted to share a travel guide based on our time there!



We had an earrrllllyy morning flight, landing us in Marsh Harbour at 10am. The house we rented was located on the island Elbow Cay, but since that island has only little markets for grocery stores, we did our shopping for the week in Marsh Harbour before heading over to Elbow Cay. We picked up our boat from Rainbow Rentals at the marina and headed over to our island-home for the week! The house we stayed at was beautiful! The decor was simple with all-white everything made in sturdy materials to make the place beautiful and practical.

The backyard was the best part! A huge deck complete with a hammock haven, multiple eating areas, lounge chairs, and the best part, a private beach! After spending an afternoon enjoying the home, we headed to check out Hope Town. Elbow Cay is the name of the island, but the downtown area is called Hope Town and it is adorable! All of the buildings and houses are different pastel colors with arches and pathways that make the little town so charming. The entire island is golf cart only and is pretty walkable, so we just enjoyed taking our time getting to know the place. 

We also enjoyed a delicious spaghetti dinner on the deck that night!



On this day we hopped on our boat and headed to Tahiti Beach, which was at the tip of Elbow Cay. The beach was nice with bright sand and shallow, blue water. Tahiti Beach was also not crowded at all! Really none of the beaches we went to were. The snorkeling at Tahiti was not amazing as there is not much coral, but we did see a stingray pass by. Jacob and I also found an empty conch shell, meaning we got to keep it!

From Tahiti Beach we went across to Lubbers Quarters to grab a bite for lunch at Cracker P's. This place was very good and had an excellent atmosphere! They have chairs set up on the beach, a big game of Jenga, and cornhole. We snacked on appetizers of fish dip and grilled conch for lunch.

They also had the beachiest drink menu! We all enjoyed the Goombay Smash, which is the drink of the island. It is spiced rum, coconut rum, apricot brandy, pineapple juice, and orange juice!

Next we headed to Mermaid Reef for some snorkeling. This is a well-marked area and easy to get to if you have a map. The coral is not amazing, but the fish here are! They are used to being fed, and I had never seen schools of fish that big and colorful that were comfortable with humans!

After snorkeling, we headed back to Elbow Cay and went up to explore the Hope Town lighthouse! I really enjoyed this! The views from the top were breathtaking! 



This morning was set aside for a deep-sea fishing trip! This was my third time deep-sea fishing and I really enjoy it! We lost a little bit of time though because some of our crew got sea sick. We fished with a charter called Local Boy and did not have the most successful fishing trip ever, but we caught enough to feed seven of us for two nights and have leftovers! I caught the first Mahi-Mahi (out of three) and the only Blackfin Tuna!

After fishing, we took it easy at the house for the afternoon. Our plan was to head to Nipper's for the pig roast, but after talking to locals, it did not really sound like our scene. The Sunday pig roast is a giant party, which sounded like a blast, but we heard that it is so crowded you can hardly move, much less find a table!

Dinner that night was at On Da Beach. This is a local restaurant/bar on the Atlantic side of the island. We had previously met many of the staff of On Da Beach and some of the locals that hang out there, so it was fun to go and enjoy dinner with them. The food was really good! I was totally inspired by the chicken and vegetable kabobs and have already tried to recreate them! The fish melt was also really good if you like spicy!



Monday morning we headed out to Treasure Cay. This was voted by National Geographic as the best beach in the Caribbean. Treasure Cay is a totally different island. Our biggest misconception about this trip was that each island would be a 15-20 minute boat ride from each other. That was not the case, especially when the driver knows nothing about navigating the sea lol. But, with no time schedule, we were ok with spending an hour traveling to this destination beach.

Treasure Cay was a really pretty beach! It was very clean, it stretches on for three and a half miles, the water is some of the bluest I have ever seen, and there are chairs on the beach! We hung out here for a bit before a storm came through. We decided to wait it out and get lunch at Coco's. Coco's was just ok. The conch fritters were amazing (but I think conch fritters are amazing everywhere). The other food is just regular, overpriced American food. Later that night for dinner we cooked some of the tuna and Mahi and had tacos! They were soooo good! There is nothing like fresh fish!


This was the day to see the pigs! We woke up and headed out to No Name Cay in search of the island famous for its native pigs. This is a very popular tourist attraction, so the pigs are used to having humans around. The pigs don't really swim in the water, they just lay out in the sun all day and eat from people's hands. Sounds pretty nice! I'll be honest. I wasn't THAT excited about seeing the pigs because I just don't really like animals (except puppies and big dogs!!). If you go, make sure you bring food to feed the pigs with! But DO NOT tease the pigs because they may bite. DO try to hold a little baby piggy because it was so sweet!

After No Name, we headed to Guana Cay for lunch and drinks at Nippers. I loved Nippers! I am glad we did not go on a Sunday, but I am very glad we decided to make the trip for lunch. Nippers is the most colorful beachside deck! The drinks were yummy (and strong! get a frozen Nipper), the music offered good vibes (Jacob even downloaded some of the songs), and the beach was stunning! Guana Cay also had a charming town with boutiques and shops to splurge at.

Later that night, after dinner, we headed to Hope Town Harbour Lodge for some karaoke! We were under the impression that the vibe would be beach-bar-ish and locals only; however, the majority of the crowd were guests at the lodge. Think high school/college students and their parents. It was a very nice place - we were very underdressed, but the atmosphere was lively and everyone was ready for a good time! Also, plenty of participants in karaoke and a singing crowd, which is important for those of us that can't sing. 



This was our last day in the Abacos :( But our flight was not until 5 so we had time to take it easy and do the last little bit of exploring. We woke up for some sunrise snorkeling (although it was much after sunrise) and headed to Fowl Cay. This is part of Pelican Cays National Park and locals told us to head here for the best snorkeling. If you are traveling to the Abacos, let me clarify something:  Fowl Cay is south of Elbow Cay! It is not the Fowl Cay that comes up to the north of Elbow Cay when you type it in on Google Maps. Anyways, we were the only boat moored that morning so we had the entire place to ourselves. I have seen some amazing coral and fish before, but never have I seen so much as I did at Fowl Cay! It was all colorful with a wide variety of reefs to see and fish to chase. The elkhorn coral, which I had never seen before, was stunning! That was our last adventure unfortunately, as we set off to head back to the states that afternoon.

That was all for our amazing Abacos adventure! If you want to see some of the other places I've been, click the Travel section from the main menu. Or you can click here

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