A(nother) 30A Spring Break

March 28, 2018

For spring break, my best friends and I headed back down 30A to Rosemary Beach, FL. Rosemary is the same corner of paradise we explored last year, and if you want to see my post about that trip, you can click here. But, stick with me because this year was so different! We stayed in a different part of town and went to all new restaurants! As always, please enjoy my iPhone quality pictures :) 


We arrived to Rosemary Monday afternoon and headed straight for the condo to unpack and get settled in. We stayed in The Lofts at Barrett Square, which was right above the shops and the main square. (click here for its VRBO link) The location was so convenient being right in the middle of town, having access to all of the beaches, and getting to use four different pools. Last year we only had one room, so this condo with its high ceilings, full kitchen, and open porch was definitely an upgrade.

(blindingly pale!! we needed a week in the sun!)


After settling in, we walked to La Cocina in Seacrest. La Cocina is a fresh Mexican spot with a quaint outdoor seating area decorated with cafe lights and equipped with heaters for those cooler nights. I got the fajitas and they were yummy! The food here isn't mind blowing, but it's a fun place to go, great for big groups, is super affordable, and satisfies the craving for Mexican!

In front of La Cocina is a little pavilion with food huts, fire pits, and a stage. One of these huts is Charlie's Donuts, and at night, they have their leftover donuts for a quarter!! Of course, we stopped and picked some up. I got a cinnamon swirl and I would highly recommend it!



After a slow morning and a walk to Alys Beach, we headed to the sand for some sun time. The wind really kicked up in the afternoon, so we ended up leaving and heading to one of the pools. The pools in Rosemary are all very nice and clean; however, seating is limited. If you know you are going to spend your day at the pool, get there early to reserve your chairs! 

our walk to the beach! so quaint!


After soaking up as much sun as we could, we headed back to get ready for a friend photoshoot. We knew this trip would be the last time we get to spend girl-time with all of us for awhile, so we had pictures taken to celebrate the past four years of friendship!

After pictures, we went to Amici 30A for dinner. This was a yummy Italian restaurant (not the same Amici as Clemson) with everything from gourmet pizzas to pastas to salads. I got roasted vegetables with chicken and it was way better than I anticipated! The sweet lemon glaze is going to be something I try to recreate!

roasted vegetables with chicken and the farmer's market pizza



This day was pretty chilly! The biggest difference between this year's trip and last year's trip was the weather. Last year the weather was absolutely perfect. This year, we laid out with goose bumps the whole time!


After our usual slow morning breakfast, we went for a walk and stopped at Fonville Press in Alys Beach. This is a little coffee shop that also has a nice wine selection, pastries, and yummy lunch options like quinoa salads, avocado toast, and deviled eggs. The outside area was the perfect spot for children to play! They had a little playground and adirondack chairs surrounding a fire pit for the parents to lounge.

We eventually changed into our bathing suits and went to lay out on one of the lawns. In front of each beach access is a well-manicured, grassy area that was the prefect spot for us to plop down that day! 

the prettiest house right next to where we set up for the day!


Alex made an amazing dinner for us Wednesday night that we enjoyed after our own happy hour and sunset watching! We also watched The Greatest Showman, which I really loved!


Another chilly day!! We went for a longgg walk on the beach in search of a waterfront grill we ate at last year, only this time we were walking in the opposite direction. After about an hour's walk and finally turning around, we found our destination, Crabby Steve's. This is a beach bar and grill that does an amazing job at both food and drink! This may have been my favorite meal all week. I got the blackened salmon and avocado wrap! Whatever blackening seasoning they use gives a perfect kick and smokey flavor. 

Last year we went to Caliza for happy hour and absolutely fell in love, so it was definitely a must for this year too! Caliza is a pool/club/restaurant in Alys Beach. You have to live there to enjoy the full benefits of this hot spot, but the restaurant is open to the public! Caliza is impeccably decorated. Heavy, beaded curtains, tall ceilings, angled roofs, all white seating, and gas lanterns surrounding the area. We ordered the same things as last time and it was just as amazing the second time around. This is an absolute must for me if you are in the area!! The Whipped Feta appetizer is soooo good!

Amelia and I decided we really wanted dessert so we went to La Crema for a Nutella Molten Lava Cake and Salted Caramel Ice Cream. It was delicious! La Crema is another must for dessert if you are in the Rosemary area. 


Our last day and our warmest day! We wanted to get the most of the sun so we headed to the beach right after breakfast. We did a whole lot of laying, which is exactly what was needed.

Friday night, we went to Pescado to celebrate Alex's birthday. This is a super fancy restaurant that requires you to be 18! Of course, we got questioned about our ages haha! Pescado is on the top floor of a building with a nice deck area that looks out onto all of Rosemary and the water. This place had really great decorations that I wish I took more pictures of. The oyster shaped plates were adorable, the seating area in the bar was swanky, and even the wallpaper in the restroom was a fun quirk! I ordered the Free-Formed Lasagna de Mare and it was delicious! I think the pasta was made in house!

grilled hamachi kama with roasted beets and kale, free-formed lasagna di mare, and grilled spinalis with shrimp cake 


We headed back to La Crema for another dessert. This time, Amelia and I split the Peanut Butter Molten Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream! These desserts are divine. Just imagine eating warm brownie batter and gooey chocolate cake!



Despite leaving first thing in the morning, we wanted to visit Charlie's donut truck for some fresh donuts before heading out. Charlie's has the fluffiest, uniquely flavored donuts for the best prices! The Key Lime flavor is the perfect, paradise donut and is just tart enough to not be too sweet. I also love the blueberry-filled because the jam inside the donut has whole blueberries in it!

key lime!! my favorite!


What a wonderful last undergrad spring break. I am so thankful for the girls I got to share it with and the memories we will have forever! Both are answered prayers!


Anyways, I miss you already, Rosemary! If you've been to the area and we missed something that is on your must-do list, please let me know!! I definitely plan on going back one day!


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