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May 18, 2018

I have been LOVING the brand Colourpop for about two years now and have just realized that not a lot of people know about it, which is why I wanted to share it today. Colourpop is an LA based makeup company that specializes in the most pigmented products with the most unique formulas ever! AND they are soooo affordable! Like eyeshadow-palettes-for-less-than-$20 affordable. To top it off, all of their products are high quality. Colourpop used to be online only, but now they have been picked up by Ulta! However, the items stocked at Ulta are very limited, so I still prefer to buy from their website. They usually have free shipping and a coupon code if you sign up to receive emails. Today I thought I would share my Colourpop must-haves!

I love a good bronzer to warm up my skin and give some definition to my face. Colourpop's Pressed Powder Bronzer in the shade In It to Win It does just that. I love that it gives me definition, but there are some glitters in it to give my face a healthy glow. You can also see a swatch of the product on the back of my hand in the picture above. 


The next product probably shocked me the most, which is appropriate because it is Colourpop's Super SHOCK Highlighter in Flexitarian. I love this so much that I put it in my Best of Beauty 2017 post.  This product has that unique formula I was talking about. It is not a powder, but it isn't a cream either! It feels almost wet, but it's also completely dry! I know that all sounds so weird, but you have to see for yourself! This formula makes the highlighter PIGMENTED, meaning you can use less product, and blend like a dream. 

 That is a blinding highlight! But don't worry, it does not show up crazy white on your face!

I like applying Colourpop's products that have this formula with my fingers! Brushes just do not pick up as much pigment. The warmth of your fingers make sure you get the most for the least amount of product and help with blending. I tap this highlighter on the apples of my cheeks, my cheekbones, and down the middle of my nose.  

I do not have a picture using this product, but Colourpop's No Filter Concealer is my favorite concealer. This was another one in my Best of Beauty 2017 post. It is medium coverage but I love it because it is so affordable, there are tons of color options, and it does not crease!! I can even go without putting a powder on top of this concealer!

Next is Colourpop's Super Shock Shadows. These are what made them famous. They have the same formula as the highlight mentioned above, and wow, they are beautiful. 

 Shades (top to bottom, left to right):  Get Lucky, Smash, Wattles, Sequin, Weenie

 Again, I like to use my fingers with this formula. This is me putting Get Lucky all over my lid. 

 And then blending Smash into my crease. 


Colourpop has SO. MANY. LIP. PRODUCTS. And they are all so good. 


Here are four of their liquid lip products. The one on the far left is technically a gloss, then I have two ultra-satin lips, and finally, an ultra-matte lip. This gloss is unlike any gloss you have had before! It is pretty full coverage. I wear this gloss by itself, and usually I would only wear a gloss on top of another lipstick. My favorite formula is the ultra-satin lipstick. It gives you a beautiful color and looks like a matte liquid lipstick, but it does not ever dry down. This means your lips won't get dried out. But, it also means the color won't last through eating a meal (which is ok with me). The ultra-matte lips will stay ALL DAY. Sometimes, they are even difficult to get off. I'll show you below how I like to apply these!

 Colors:  Flitter, Frick-n-Frack, Calypso, Avenue


Ok, so this picture looks kind of scary, but it is my favorite way to apply their ultra-matte liquid lips. I put dots on my lips just as shown. 

 Then, I blend it out with my finger. I do this to not dry my lips out as much, but also to lighten the color! 

 Here's a picture of how dark the same color (Frick-n-Frack) is if I swipe the liquid lipstick on as usual. 

 Lastly, Colourpop's Lippie Stix are my favorite lipstick formula of all time! They are so creamy and smooth!

Top:  Sike, Cookie, Brink, Aquarius

Side:  Topanga (side note, who doesn't want a lipstick named Topanga? I still love Boy Meets World)

Bottom:  Grunge, Bossy, I Heart This Lippie, LBB


Sometimes, if I am working with a super bright color, like Topanga, I will do the same method of applying dots and blending them out with my finger. 

After blending it out!


And this is how bright Topanga would be if I swiped it on! Big difference!

That was a lot, but I wanted to share my love for Colourpop with you! If you know the brand, tell me some of your favorites! I am always looking for new things to try!


UPDATE 5/30 - I have a 20% off coupon code for orders of at least $20! It lasts for the next 10 days and is Gift01YS4ZDM

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