Skin Care Routine - Video!!

January 18, 2018

This super cold weather can do a number on your skin! I struggle with my skin so much during the winter, but I feel like I have developed a consistent routine that helps my skin stay clear and moisturized. 


Today, I wanted to share that routine with you! This is the routine I do every day, no matter what. I think an important part of skincare is not skimping out on yourself. Take the five minutes to do it! I promise, you will feel so much better.


Twice a week, I give my skin some extra TLC by exfoliating or doing a face mask. Exfoliating has so many benefits:  gets rid of the dead skin cells, making your face soft and smooth; deep cleans hard-to-reach pores; and allows for better absorption of your products (like moisturizer!). Face masks are packed with ingredients to target your specific skin problems. Below, I am linking my favorite exfoliators and face masks!

Face Masks - HoneyLab, Freeman's, Formula 10.0.6

Exfoliators - Shea Moisture, Philosophy, St. Ives 


Also, two important things to note about skincare:  you are what you eat/drink and do NOT touch your face with dirty hands. I can tell the biggest difference in my skin when I am drinking a lot of water vs. not. I think I eat pretty healthy, but I have a major sweet tooth. I don't know that I'll be cutting out sweets long enough to see a difference in my skin. But, if you do it, lmk! As far as touching your face goes, whenever you  wash your face or put makeup on, ALWAYS wash your hands before doing so!


Click the YouTube video below to watch it! Also, let me know your must-have skincare products down below!


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