Eyeshadow 101

January 25, 2018

Many girls have beautiful eyeshadow palettes with dozens of colors to choose from but find themselves using only three or four! Most of the time, this is because they get so used to one specific color combination and are not comfortable mixing other colors. Today, I am sharing my tips on how to choose colors and where, what order, and how to apply these colors to create your eyeshadow look! 


I talk about these two things in the video, but I really wanted to emphasize them one more time here:

- Use an eyeshadow primer! This will make your eyeshadows show up better on your eyes, thus you are using less product and get to save the money you spent on your eyeshadow palette. Not only that, but they make your eyeshadow last all day and not crease.

- Take the time to blend the eyeshadow. Unless it is your goal to have harsh lines (like a cut-crease look), then taking the time to blend everything out ensures that your eyeshadow is seamless!


You can check out my favorite eyeshadow brushes here. Most of them are used in this video!

 Do y'all enjoy posts with videos? Please let me know if you find things like this helpful! 

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