Favorite Winter Finds

January 11, 2018

I have a handful of products that I have been loving lately and wanting to share with you, especially before they go out of stock! I have a little bit of every category on here so hopefully you find something you can love!

This is the softest pullover ever!! I went to Target looking for this one, but ended up not loving it. Then I saw this ice blue, slinky pullover hanging up in the ~pajama section~ and decided it would be a great addition to my athleisure collection. Now, I wear it all. the. time. It is lightweight, sooo soft, only $20, and the asymmetrical cut makes it figure flattering! I hope they come out with more colors!!

I got these shoes for Christmas and dang, they are a world of difference than Nikes when it comes to working out. Some of the classes I do at the gym in Clemson, like HIIT and Boxalates, have a lot of jumping and kicking. My feet and knees would be killing me after these classes because Nikes don't absorb the force/shock(??) or whatever it is. But, these Brooks do! It took me a while to find a pair that I look stye-wise, but the comfort is worth it!

This was another Christmas present! I had been wanting a big curling iron to get a softer, very loose curls hairstyle, and I picked this one because it's the one my hairdresser uses! Sometimes I think my hair looks too dressy when I use my wand (click here to see how I do it), but this gives me a casual look! I love it because it's not metal (aka feeling like it's burning my hair off) and the clamp is great! Not too tight, but not too loose to where my hair falls out. These are important things people!

Last year, I did a post about how I was going to maintain my New Year's Resolution of working out more. I shared that I love to do YouTube videos as part of my workout. Since then, I have discovered a new YouTube fitness channel that I looovvee, Popsugar Fitness. These videos are different from Blogilates or XHIT because I can do these as my entire workout and get a good combination of cardio and muscle toning. This one is my favorite! They have all types of workouts so definitely check it out!

When the weather starts getting cooler (or is already 20 degrees!!), you know it is probably time to switch to a lighter foundation. But this white pigment changes that! This is just straight up white that you can add to your favorite foundation, and it will not change the undertone or the formula it! I have been using this almost every day! I just mix a little into my foundation and makes my summer colors light enough for my winter skin, taking away the need for two different foundations (even though I have about 10 different ones lol). 


What are some books, Netflix series/movies, makeup, clothes, shoes, anything that you are loving right now?

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