Fall Break Travel Guide

October 26, 2017


Fall Break was last week and oh my, it was much needed! A group of me and my friends tried to pack in as much fall as we could even though it was 80 degrees all weekend. Today I am sharing all of the fun we had via iPhone pictures!


Friday night we went to Fall for Greenville! It is the funnest little festival filled with food, drinks, and music. Basically, we just went for the food and the fun atmosphere. 

This was everything I ate! Key Lime Bon Bon, Southern Tide Taco (shrimp, bacon, and pimento cheese), apple cider donuts, and FRIED COOKIE DOUGH. That fried cookie dough was life changing. So yea, I mostly ate dessert for dinner but that's fine. 

(i hope this picture proves that I do not have time to be editing myself to look pretty)


We left for Gatlinburg Saturday around lunch time. The trip there felt like the longest ever! We hit so much traffic around Asheville. But, we finally arrived at Deer Ridge in Cobbly Nobb outside of Gatlinburg. This place truly has the best views of the Smoky Mountains if you are ever looking for a place to stay! 

Amelia's dad loaded us UP with Trader Joe's snacks. Pumpkin and chocolate everythang. 

We went for a quick walk to explore. Then, we got ready for dinner and were excited for a place we found on Yelp called Three Jimmy's. Unless you are a biker, DO. NOT. GO. HERE. It was scary. So we headed downtown Gatlinburg for some Mexican. Downtown Gatlinburg is just truly a spectacle itself. We went to Loco Burro and had the best time! Food wasn't the best ever, but we convinced my friend Courtney to ride the burro (like riding a bull). It was the funnest thing ever and she did so good!

Pre-Burro ride. She killed it. Sunday morning we took it easy. We were lazy in the morning, went for a walk, then got ready to hit the outlets. On the way to the outlets we stopped at Fudruckers (lol we were starving and it honestly hit the spot). Then we shopped till we dropped at the outlets. Here's a picture of everything I got!

jade sweater   /   gold studs   /   flannel   /   henley bra   /   neutral cardigan   /   workout leggings

A couple of notes about my purchases:  the bra is sooo comfortable! I don't know what it is about the lace kind of going down your stomach a little bit. It just makes it that much more comfortable. I also love the workout leggings! I usually love anything from Old Navy's workout line, but they are just so fun, but still thick and good quality!


Anyways, after shopping, we went to The Island and ate at Paula Deen's Family Restaurant. Soooo good. Ten out of ten would recommend!

 The yummiest appetizer of garlic bread and hotcakes with sweet potato jam!

And chicken pot pie (my favorite)! The puff pastry as the crust changed the game for me. 


Monday morning was super cold and rainy! We took our time getting packed and ready. We stopped at Sandra and Trish's Place for lunch and started the trip back to Clemson. This was just a random stop on the side of the road. Not a must-eat but the Philly Cheese Steaks were very flavorful! We drove down Foothills Parkway and got to see all the pretty lookouts! Even if this is out of the way for you, it is worth it! The lookouts are just so expansive and the mountains are just a testament to the Lord's majesty!


 Look how pretty that view is! I am also so thankful for great friends to travel with.


Hope everyone has a good week!



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