Grand Cayman Vacation Part I

August 6, 2017

Every year, my family takes a big vacation the first week of August. This year, we chose Grand Cayman. Below, I'm sharing this first half of our adventures!


Day 1 

This day was mostly for travel to Grand Cayman and getting settled in. We landed around one in the afternoon, but we still had to pick up the rental cars, grocery shop, and get all settled in at our house! We stayed at a house called Far Tortuga on the North Side.

The view from this house is amazing! There is a quaint, wooden pier that jets out into the middle of the turquoise blue water with a hammock resting on the edge! It is the most perfect nap/reading spot. The house also has its own little beach complete with comfy lounge chairs and another hammock set up between two palm trees. Basically, the house alone is pretty close to perfection.

This little cottage was the cutest part of the house! There were two cottages off the main house and they were so colorfully painted which added to the island vibe.

A day of traveling will wear you out! So, the rest of the day was spent relaxing, which was much needed. We got to see our first Cayman sunset and it was golden! Grand Cayman is one hour behind South Carolina time. This doesn't seem like much, but it hit us all pretty hard so we retired to bed pretty early. 


Day 2 

Some of the fam woke up at the crack of dawn because of the time change, but I "slept in" till 7 (gotta love a time change). I'm not trying to be dramatic, but for some reason this day dragged by. It felt like I had been up for at least four hours to find out it had only been two! We got out around 10 and decided to go check out Rum Point.

Rum Point is privately owned but open to the public. It is a really nice beach with tons of chairs (for free!), bathrooms, showers, bars, and a little grill! We weren't positive we wanted to spend the day here, so we headed to Kaibo. We read about this place, but it was not really a beach area. It was more of a restaurant that took up the whole beach. They host a barbecue every Tuesday, so we made reservations and decided we'd be back. We chose to spend the day at Rum Point and had fun! It was HOT! But the water was nice. We even got to do a little snorkeling! If you visit Rum Point, I promise there is good snorkeling, you just have to swim way out!

Later that night, we had reservations at Over the Edge cafe. This was just minutes from our house (which was big deal because there wasn't much out there except for other houses). The food was yummy and reasonably priced! They specialize in seafood (of course) and had authentic Cayman options like fried bread (a mix between hush puppies and beignets! sounds weird but I could have eaten this alone and been satisfied!), plantains, and pepper water (as spicy as it sounds). You sit right on the water and if you are lucky, you'll see a purple and orange sunset!

Over the Edge also has a flip flop tree in its parking lot! Cayman has these all over with the biggest one being on Seven Mile Beach. Try to guess which one is ours lol

Day 3

On this day, we were on a regular time schedule! We set out around 9:30 in the morning for some shopping and Seven Mile Beach. Originally, we planned to do all of this on Sunday, but all of the stores, even grocery stores, are closed on Sunday. On Monday, the cruise ships start coming in. We knew all of the shops at the port would be prepared to bargain, so we headed downtown in search for something memorable to take home! The Guy Harvey store was the main store we wanted to visit because he lives in Grand Cayman. We heard if you're lucky, you'll catch him there! The guys picked out some tshirts to take home and we were off to Seven Mile Beach.

This beach is one of the most famous in the world! It's actually five and a half miles, but either way, it's long! We swam, we jetskied, we read, and we chilled. Then, we headed back home to grill burgers and play Heads Up the rest of the night. Heads Up is so fun with a group of people no matter what age! I'll definitely remember those belly laughs!


Day 4 (Morning + Afternoon)

We woke up early to meet our boat for the day and catch some fish! Last year in St. John, we went deep sea fishing and while I am glad I did it, it wasn't the greatest experience. We had to drive out 8 miles from the island on a tiny boat and the waters were so rough! I was excited for the fishing trip this year, but a little wary, especially when I woke up to a thunderstorm. This fishing trip turned out to be SOOOO different. First of all we were on a bigger boat so we could not feel the waves as much. Second of all we only had to drive about a half mile from the shore to reach 2500 feet! Crazy how it gets deep so quickly! Third, the weather was perfect. Fourth, we caught a lot more fish!

My dad caught a barracuda!

Halfway through the day, we stopped fishing and headed out for some ocean exploring! The captain, John, took us to a snorkel spot he promised would be better than anything we had seen before. I was skeptical because the snorkeling in St. John was phenomenal. The reef he took us to was amazing! The coral was thick, the colors were vibrant, and the fish were abundant. I would not say it was better than anything else, but it was definitely not worse! I wish I could tell you the spot, but it was in the middle of the ocean.

Next, John took us to Stingray City. This was the craziest experience of my life!! To be honest, I screamed my head off when the first one touched me! It felt so weird to have this rubbery, strong killer just swimming between your legs. After warming up to them, we all fell in love with the stingrays! We held them, fed them, and kissed them for seven years of good luck.

All of those dark spots are stingrays!!

After our cruising day was over, we drove to Starfish Point. It was just a one minute drive from Kaibo (where we got dropped off). The starfish here are picture perfect! They are so big and such a unique red/orange color!

That wraps up the first part of the week! Come back Thursday for the rest of the adventures and some tips about traveling to the Cayman Islands!

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