Grand Cayman Vacation Part II

August 10, 2017

Day 4 (Night)

We headed back to the house to get ready for our BBQ at Kaibo. The BBQ was soooo good! It was all you can eat (PTL!) and had all the authentic Caribbean food options! Here is a picture of my first plate lol please don't judge. 

Jerk pork, barbecue chicken, rice and beans, Cayman style fish, vegetable curry, and macaroni salad yummmm

Tomato, feta, and basil salad, jalepeno butter beans, and fresh greens salad. I promise this plate was bigger, I had already eaten most of it and forgot to take a pic!


I tried curry for the first time and loved it! The jerk pork was my favorite and I just couldn't eat enough rum cake. A live band jammed the entire night, adding to the island ambience. People danced, limboed, and boogied their way through the conga line!

Day 5 

This day was also my 21st birthday! Last year in St. John, we spent the day on the beach just hanging out and casually swimming with sea turtles. That was so fun! So I wanted to do something similar. I researched places to snorkel and beaches in Grand Cayman on this blog, which is an amazing guide to Grand Cayman! I found a beach called Spotts Beach that wasn't too far away and it was a popular hangout spot for turtles! 


 I really liked this beach! It wasn't crowded at all, it was clean, and the water was beautiful! 

I was so excited because there WERE turtles! It is kind of hard to see the one in the picture. They blend in so well with the grass and water! I love sea turtles. They just chill and eat grass while you swim right beside them and rub on their shells. 


After Spotts, we headed to Camana Bay. This was a super nice community with shopping, restaurants, and a farmers' market! 

 All of the produce was so beautiful and fresh! We bought some Cayman plums which are very different from what we have in America. They are tiny and very sweet. 

Camana Bay also has an observation tower! It is seven stories and the walk up is lined with beautiful tile work. I can't even imagine how long this took! The murals were beautiful and the tiles were so tiny!

The view from the top isn't that great. This is only one side, and all of the other sides are just rooftop views. But it's quick and free!

We headed home and celebrated with tuna tacos (the fish we caught the day before) with slaw and mango salsa so yum, key lime pie for dessert, and a round of Heads Up!


Day 6 

There is not much to share from this day, but it was still super fun! We hung out our house and enjoyed the backyard all day! There was amazing snorkeling off of the pier! LOTS of coral and lots of fish. It was very shallow though which made it hard to swim through some of the time because you don't want to touch the coral. A good part about it being shallow though was that you could stand up whenever you needed a break! 

We also went back to Rum Point for some afternoon cocktails. The drink of the island is the Mudslide! I tried one and it basically just tasted like a cinnamon/coffee milkshake! 


Day 7 

This was our leaving day :( We woke up early, snapped a pic for Eleven Market, and headed off to the airport.


We ate lunch at this tent restaurant outside of the airport, The Hungry Horse, and it was amazing! I did not have high expectations at all, but the Jerk Chicken Wrap was so flavorful and spicy. I was miserable while I was eating it because it was so spicy and my lips were on fire but it was so delicious that I didn't want to stop. 


Here are some things we learned while traveling Grand Cayman:

- Their currency is not US dollars, but they still use the $ sign like normal. For every 1 US dollar, there are 1.25 Cayman dollars, so be prepared to either convert your money at a bank or pay more US money than what the price tag actually says. 

- We cooked in (except for the two dinners and one lunch). It is much cheaper to buy groceries and make your own breakfast and pack your own picnic lunch. It also gives you more time at the beach!

- There are no taxes (except I think they tax at hotels)! This means you can buy beautiful jewelery tax free!

- They drive on the left hand side of the road and have about 200 roundabouts :)

- Bring your own snorkel gear! There is great snorkeling off most of the beaches but not every beach lets you rent snorkel gear and it is expensive to buy there.

- The Margaritaville Resort is open to the public!

- Stingray City is a MUST

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