Favorite Summer Finds

July 21, 2017

I have a random assortment of things that I have fallen in love with this summer, and I wanted to write a quick post to share them with you!


Mrs. Thinster's Cookies - yes I am putting this on my favorites. I could devour a whole bag of these cookies!! They are so thin so it feels more like eating potato chips and they aren't that bad for you! You can eat a good many cookies for not that many calories. I found them at Costco and my favorite flavor so far is the Key Lime!

Oxygen Fitness Studio - my cousin, Maddie, and I signed up for their 30 Day Trial deal and we have been making the most of it these past couple of weeks. I am officially hooked and need them to open up a place in Clemson! Oxygen is a fitness studio that offers a wide variety of classes like Spin, Barre, Hot Yoga, and HIIT classes. My favorite so far is OXYBlast. It combines 5 minutes of cardio on the treadmill with 5 minutes of floor work. Those circuits rotate for 45 minutes. It is such a good work out! If you live in the Augusta area, be sure to check it out! I have never been more motivated to push myself in my workouts!


A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams - this book is the best summer/beach read. Seriously, nothing can beat it! I was hooked from the beginning. All of the characters and relationships are complex in the best way, they have you asking questions until the end! Amazon Prime this to your door right now and expect to finish it within the week because it is so good. 


Suntan Candle by Bath and Body Works - you know how beach houses/condos smell unlike any other house? They just have that beach smell. Well, this candle gives you that exact smell! It is such a unique scent and I would have never thought to put it in a candle. It smells salty, warm, and a little bit like sunscreen, but it makes my room smell like summer and I love it!


It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream - I know a lot of people are already on this train, but I am just now joining. This CC Cream is soooo full coverage, but it truly does look like your skin but better! Every time I have worn it, I just can't help but looking in the mirror and thinking how flawless my skin looks without looking like I have makeup caked on (and that's not a regular thought for me!) To be honest, I prefer the regular kind over the Illuminator kind. My mom has the Illuminator one and when I tested it, I just kept seeing glitter on my skin, which is not a look I love. Also, it has SPF 50, which is perfect for everyday wear to keep your skin looking young and damage free! 



Old Navy Luxe Curved Hem V-Neck Tee - where has this t-shirt been all of my life?! This is super unusual though because I hardly ever go for plain t-shirts! But this summer I have been going back to the basics, feeling super cute in a t-shirt and shorts. The fabric is different from any t-shirt I have ever worn because it has more of a slinky, flowy feeling. My favorite part is how it is cut up higher on the sides. I feel like it makes my legs look longer. 


Those are my favorite things right now! Comment below your favorite finds this summer!


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