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June 15, 2017

A couple of months ago I shared an easy, neutral, smokey eyeshadow look using the Naked 2 Palette that is super wearable to all of your formal events! Today, I am doing something similar and sharing my absolute favorite eyeshadow combination. This was one of the first eyeshadow combinations I created when I got my Naked Palette during my junior year of high school. I was obsessed then and I am still obsessed with it now!


I have done this neutral pink look on every single eye color and I can honestly say that it makes them all pop and seem brighter! My eyes are brown so it isn't very normal for me to get compliments on them, but if I do, I can guarantee it is because of the way these colors compliment my eyes!


Just as a little disclaimer, I am wearing a full face of make up in these pictures. My eyeshadow was the very last thing I did. However, when using this palette, I recommend doing your eyeshadow before doing anything else. When applying glittery eyeshadows, they tend to have fallout, which is basically glitter particles that get on the areas of your face below your eyes. I don't really like my under eyes to look sparkly, so I'll do my eyeshadow and then wipe away the fallout!


So, what I'm using for this tutorial 

They don't sell the flat brush I have pictured with the Naked palette anymore. Which is a shame because I love this brush! However, the brush they do sell has a flat side very similar to the one shown. You can use that orrrr if you are looking for another good shader brush check out this one (yep only $1 and it is my favorite! The other brush I used is the Elf Eye Contour Brush. It is a great crease brush for blending out eyeshadow super quickly. 

Side note - if you see the mirror I have in the picture at Dollar Tree, BUY THEM! I think my mom and I have ten between the two of us haha

Here are all the eyeshadows used in this look! Of course, I'll be listing out the steps below:

Step 0. Prime eyelids. I used this Milani eyeshadow primer! This one and this one are also really good!

Step 1. Apply Sin with the flat brush to the inner half of your eyelid using patting motions, making sure to get your inner corners. This is really going to brighten your eyes and make you look awake!

Step 2. I am going to apologize for not having a picture for this step. I honestly do not know where this picture went but I lost it ugh! Anyways, apply Sidecar to the outer half of your lid with the flat brush using patting motions. Rub the brush back and forth in between the two colors to make sure they have a nice ombre effect!

Step 3. Apply Toasted to your crease using the crease brush and windshield wiper motions. Make sure you start at the outer corner of your crease and work your way in. 

You can stop here and this is what the finished product looks like! Personally, this is how I usually wear it, but you can keep reading to find out how to transition this to a nighttime eyeshadow look!

Optional Step 4. Apply Hustle using the Elf crease brush to the outer V of your eye. Make sure you are only picking up a tiny bit of this color. It is dark, so a little goes a long way and it's always easier to add more, but super hard to remove some!

Optional Step 5. Finish off with a thin line of black eyeliner, adding a little flick at the end to draw eyes upwards. I used this eyeliner because I had just received it in my Ipsy bag! I have not really decided how I feel about it yet!

And that's it! The easiest go-to eyeshadow ever! It probably takes me less than a minute to do! 


Comment below your go-to eyeshadow looks! Also, has anyone seen the new Naked palette? It is called Naked Heat and the colors are speaking to me! All of the warm, summery shades! 

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