Ipsy Glam Bag Roundup 1

June 8, 2017

If you know me, or if you watch my stories, you know I LOOVVEEE my Ipsy glam bag subscription. Every month when I get my bag, I do a little (or maybe not so little) unbagging on my story. I go through what I get in my bag, swatch some of the products, and give a little first impression! If you are interested in seeing that, follow me on Instagram (@allisonowings) and I'll post when I do my unbagging!


But, I also thought it would be fun to do a post every four months showing you the products I got in my glam bags and which of these products I fell in love with! I pretty much like every product I get, but I'll be sharing the ones that are my new absolute favorites. I'll link to every single product below the picture so you can just click and shop!


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January was a good month!! I found a new, holy grail concealer, and it's the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illuminator Concealer. This is the perfect concealer for the days I don't want to wear foundation. It covers up my dark circles COMPLETELY which is a BFD for me because mine are so dark that they are almost blue! I wear the color medium and it is the perfect shade for me! 

One of my favorite lipglosses ever is Buxom's Hot Toddy, and Trust Fund Beauty's Method to the Madness gloss is a color and wear dupe! The Buxom lipgloss is a plumping gloss so it gives you a minty, tingly feel. The Trust Fund Beauty gloss doesn't do that but the color and longevity is the exact same!

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In all seriousness, I found a product in my February glam bag that I don't think I'll ever live without again. It's the Promise Coconut Milk Daily Facial Scrub. Whenever I started using this, any texture I had went away almost immediately! I used it for about two months and then my sample size ran out. So, I googled it and found that it was only sold at CVS. Maybe it's their skin care brand? I'm not sure. But this is the best morning face scrub! It has organic sugar and walnut beads in it to get rid of all of your dead, dry skin! It smells amazing and gives you a deep clean feel!

I also loved the NYX Butter Lipstick in Ripe Berry! This was  a full size product, and I love getting full sizes because it just makes me feel like I got a lot of bang for my buck (or my 10 bucks). I was very cautious because this color seemed vampy and I was not really into the vampy vibe this past fall/winter. It is not vampy at all! The formula of this lipstick is more on the sheer side, so it just gives you a nice wash of color. It also also transitioned well into the summer time! 


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Every month, I rate my Ipsy bags on Ipsy's website. This gives me points which can go towards receiving free products! I usually give my bags four out of five stars, but not this one! This was a five out of five! I would have given it ten if I could have! First of all, the actual bag is huge! I use this all the time for traveling now because all of my skincare/haircare/perfume products fit into it with room left over! Second of all, I love every single product I received. I could give you a rave about them all, but I am going to pick my very top 3 

I was so pleasantly surprised by Burt's Bees Lipstick in Suede Splash! I didn't think the pigmentation would be very could because Burt's Bees does chapstick, you know? But it is so good! Usually pigmented lipsticks are not very moisturizing, but this lipstick is so creamy and moisturizing. The color is the perfect brown-nude! I keep it in my purse because I know it will go with anything!

I also loved the Ouai Treatment Masque! This is one of the best hairmasks I have ever used, and I have used A LOT because I have the driest ends ever. I could not stop touching my hair all week because it was so soft! I'm not crazy about the smell, but I can get over it in order to have some luscious locks!

Whenever I run out, I am definitely buying a full size of The Balm's Bahama Mamma bronzer! This bronzer has so many uses! You can put it on the perimeter of your face using a fluffy brush to apply it as a bronzer, you can use a more precise brush and apply it to the shadows of your face to apply it as contour, and you can even wear it as eyeshadow! It looks beautiful as all three of these!


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I'm going to be honest, I didn't find a product in this bag that I loved. I liked all of them, but I did not love any of them enough to want to buy them in their full sizes. But that's ok! I still got to try out new products!


So that's the first installment of my Ipsy Bag Roundups! If you get an Ipsy bag please share products you have found that you love! Also, if you are on the fence about beauty subscriptions, check out my post comparing Ipsy and Birchbox to give you a look at these two! 


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