Strawberry Fields Forever

June 2, 2017

Hi and welcome (back) to my blog! I cannot believe it has been NINE whole weeks since I posted on here. After spring break, my life got super crazy with studying for the Dental Admissions Test, final projects, final exams, and all the other business that accompanies the end of a school year. One of the things I have been looking forward to most about summer is getting back to blogging. So, I thought I would share a morning at the local strawberry patch and flower field my cousin Maddie and I had last weekend!

lip color   /   shorts   /   nail polish   

This week in particular, it seemed like nothing was going my way. Right before Maddie and I left I was eating some Lemon Ricotta with Blueberry pancakes that my mom made. They were phenomenal. Anyways, one of the blueberries on my fork literally exploded on the white shirt I was wearing! Panic! Dad came to the rescue though and had my shirt sparkly white again.   

Obviously, I was needing a serene landscape to recharge, and it didn’t hurt that the freshest, sweetest strawberries were involved! The Lord knew just what I needed because He gave us the prettiest landscape during a beautiful morning. I love how He always knows and provides exactly what we need and nothing less than that.

We thought this was the most perfect strawberry!

The strawberry field is called Gurosik’s, and they have U-Pick strawberries, blackberries, and tons of the most vibrant flowers. Seriously, I only added like +1 saturation to these, which is barely anything. They were so colorful! I thought we might be getting a little late for strawberry season, especially with how hot it has been, but Maddie and I only picked a quarter of our assigned row before our bucket was full!

Before I finish this post, I wanted to share some things  on my wish list! I’ve loved bold embroidered pieces for years, but I feel like summer is the prime time for them, and this year proves no different. Remember, you can click on the numbers below to shop directly!


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