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March 9, 2017

This is going to be a long one! I have tried sooo many drugstore face products. Obviously some of them (more like nine of them) have been total winners! I would even consider some of them to be better than my high end products! I have also tried some not-so-great drugstore products, so don't think that I love everything I try. These products had to be super special to overcome my pickiness! 

1.  Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm - I know what you're thinking. Aftershave?!?! Yep. The second most abundant ingredient is glycerin (second to water) which makes your skin nice and sticky. Your foundation will adhere like glue to your face and last longer! Make sure you buy the sensitive kind or else you will smell manly!

2.  L'oreal Magic Lumi Primer - Ever feel like your skin just looks dull? Like you're just stuck in this blah and need some umph? Me too! That's when I grab this. This primer gives you that glow a bride has on her wedding day. Your skin just looks healthier! This is perfect for those summer months when you might not need foundation, just a little boost.

3.  L'oreal True Match Foundation - This is my ride. or. die. My go to. I honestly have feelings for this foundation. This foundation is medium coverage but can be built to full coverage. Every time someone asks me what kind of foundation they should get, I recommend this! One of the biggest reasons I love it is because they have so many shades and they are all arranged by undertone. So many times a foundation is too pink for me, but that won't happen with this foundation. Yellow undertones go for W shades, pink undertones go for C shades, and in between goes for N! 

4.  Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless - I did not like this foundation at first, but so many beauty gurus were raving about it so I kept giving it a chance. Now, I find myself reaching for it multiple times a week. I love how matte this foundation is without making me look flat. I do not even have to set my face whenever I use this foundation, which is a big deal for me! If you want a foundation that feels lightweight while giving you medium coverage, go for this!

5.  L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation - It seems like every time I wear this foundation, a friend will stop me and ask "What foundation do you use?" This foundation is the fullest coverage drugstore foundation I have ever used. It claims to last 24 hours. While, I've never worn foundation for a straight 24 hours, I can attest that this stuff lasts a LONG time while covering up your flaws without the cakiness. 

6.  Garnier BB Cream - A couple of years ago it seemed like BB creams were all the rage! Every brand was coming out with them. Being the makeup junkie I am, I had to get in on it. I read great reviews about this one but was skeptical. Garnier is a hair brand right?! I don't know about their other makeup products but this one is a definite winner! It is on repeat for me during the summer, especially because I think it applies so nicely with fingers! 

7.  Maybelline Better Skin Concealer - This is a serious dupe (cheaper alternative) to the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer (which I also love). It is a very thin formula (good-bye creasing!) but still covers all the dark circles/blemishes!

8.  RCMA No Color Powder - You can't find this at a drugstore, but it is a drugstore price! This bottle comes with A LOT of powder but it is only $12! This powder is truly "no color". Oftentimes, translucent powders give a white cast on your face, but not this! It will set your face, without changing the color of your foundation!

9.  WetnWild Photo Focus Pressed Powder - At only $5 this powder will set your foundation, add coverage, and make your skin feel smooth! I have heard this powder is comparable to MAC's Mineralized SkinFinish Powder which is a cult favorite! At only $5 this powder will set your foundation, add coverage, and make your skin feel smooth! It gives a nice light coverage alone or it can build nicely to your foundation. I have been super impressed with the brand WetnWild recently!


Do you have any favorite drugstore face products that I didn't mention? Comment below so I can try them! Also, don't forget to subscribe to get this posts directly to your inbox!

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