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March 3, 2017

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is, "What do you use to curl your hair?" Today, I'm going to answer that as well as give you tips and tricks on how I achieve soft waves that last for days! 


Now, before we get started, I want to clarify some things. My hair is not the same as yours. But, I have used this wand and these methods on many different people and many different hair types. They usually work and I usually do get the same results as I do on my own hair; however, I can not promise that this will be the perfect method for you! It doesn't hurt to try it, play around with some things, and find the curling routine that is best for you! 


I would like to take all of the credit for the perfect waves I am able to achieve, but I really think it all comes from this wand! This is literally my magic wand! The description says "Hair glides effortlessly across the nano ceramic surface, making hair look smooth and glossy." I really think the ceramic surface makes all the difference in getting smooth waves! I also love the size of the wand. 1 1/4 inch is big enough to not have a Shirley Temple curl, but also small enough so that you get some nice bounce and volume. 

Another thing before we start, I ALWAYS rub a dime size amount of Morrocan Oil (the big jar I have linked lasts forever!!) on the ends of my hair as a heat protectant. It is so important to apply a heat protectant so that you cause the least amount of damage to your hair as possible! Some other heat protectants I like can be found here ($), and here ($$).


You want to begin by grabbing a 1-2 inch section of hair. This section of hair needs to be a "clean" section. What I mean by that is you don't want to have little stragglies and fly-aways coming out of the section. Those pieces won't get wrapped around the wand properly and will also get in the way of your wand. This an example of the kind of section you DON'T want:

 This is the kind of section you DO want: 

The technique I use to wand my hair does make a difference! My mom has this same wand and always asked why our curls don't look the same. I'll curl some pieces and she's always surprised at how different her curls look. Really the only thing I do differently from what others may do is hold my wand in the hand opposite side I am working on. In the picture below, I'm working on the right side of my head but holding the wand in my left hand and reaching around. This makes it so that you can get the most hair possible onto the wand! When you get more hair onto the wand, it makes the curl flow more naturally!

If you know that your hair doesn't hold curl well, try sliding the curl down the wand and into a cupped hand like I did below! Hold the curl while it is still coiled for a couple of seconds. This sets the curl as it cools down and will help them stay longer!

On the other hand, if you get a curl that is just too Shirley Temple for you, stretch it out and hold it straight while it cools down like I did below. This doesn't make you lose the curl, it just makes it less ringlet-like and more wavy!

After I have curled my whole head, I flip my head over and shake out all the curls. With my hair still flipped over, I give it all a good spray with some hairspray. I recently started using this hairspray but have loved this kind for years. After the first spray, I flip it back over, smooth any flyaways and give it one last spray. 


This is what my hair looks like when I'm done! I usually curl my hair when it is freshly washed and I won't need any touch-ups or recurls until the next time I wash my hair! I have definitely gone a whole week before!

If you have any tips and tricks for achieving curls; favorite heat protectants, hairspray, wands; or anything to share, comment below!!



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