Easy Neutural Smokey Eye

February 24, 2017

A "neutral smokey eye"? That's kind of an oxymoron. But, I promise that I have found the combination of eyeshadows in the Naked 2 palette that will give you a smokey eye perfect for an evening out or work! I tried to choose colors from a palette that a lot of people would have! A lot of people I know have the Naked 2 palette, so I tried to create an achievable smokey eye with it. I also thought with prom and formal season just around the corner, giving you an eyeshadow picture tutorial would be helpful for if you want to do your own make-up! 


This step-by-step walk through makes this eyeshadow look achievable by ANYONE!

I have numbered the Naked 2 palette in the order I used each eyeshadow. I also used the brush that comes with the palette! So, whenever I refer to the "fluffy" side I am talking about the side that's circled and the same goes for the "flat" side.


Before I began creating this eyeshadow look, I primed my eyelids with this eyeshadow primer. Some other primers that are great at giving you the most out of your eyeshadow can be found here ($), here ($), and here ($$).

I began by patting Bootycall (#1) all over my lid and on my browbone with the flat side of the brush. Bootycall is a white/champagne color so you can't see it super will right now, but it is the base for this eyeshadow look! You will get the most out of this eyeshadow if you pat instead of swipe it across your lid. 

This step is where the smokiness really starts to show! I took Busted (#2) and pat it on the outer third of my eye with the flat side of the brush. Then I blended Busted into the inner half of my lid with the other side of the flat brush. I was having trouble getting the color payoff I wanted so I swiped my ring finger in the eyeshadow and dabbed it onto my eye. Also, if you are having trouble blending the dark color into the super light color pick up a little bit of the color YDK with the flat side of the brush and rub it between the two!

 The smokiness kind of gets blended out during this step, but don't worry! We'll bring it back! I picked up Snakebite (#3) with the fluffy side of the brush and blended it into the crease using windshield wiper motions. I start at the outer corner of my eye because this is where the most pigment will go. Having the darker color towards the outer corners will open your eyes and give you a more cat eye effect!

Next, I touched up the outer corners by adding just a little bit more Busted using the same method as before. I also picked up the teensiest bit of Blackout (#4) and put it on the outer corners in a V-shape. When I say teensiest bit, I mean I just barely touched my brush to the eyeshadow pan! You want to start with just a little bit because you can always add more! But if you start with too much, it's hard to take it off without messing up all the other eyeshadow colors!

Lastly, I added a thin line of liquid eyeliner very close to my lashline with a little flick on the end! It's kind of a miniature cat eye. Of course, this is optional and not doing it makes this eyeshadow look more of a day time look! For me personally, I do not like the look of eyeliner on my lower lashline, but if you are comfortable with it, it will only make this look more smokey. I used this eyeliner, but I also love this cream eyeliner! I want to start using liquid eyeliners more, but I'm having trouble finding one that doesn't dry up in a couple of weeks. If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments!


And here is a nice selfie of the final look! The lipstick I'm wearing is Kat von D's Lolita which is one of very favorite colors and formulas!

If you enjoyed this picture and step-by-step tutorial let me know! Or if you would like to see something else like this but with a different palette, comment below!


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