Let Me Upgrade You

January 1, 2017

New year, new blog!!! I didn't know whether to call this an upgrade or a complete makeover. 


So today I'm going to introduce and explain the new blog! 


First of all, I wanted to get more serious about this blog by treating it as a job. Now, obviously this will be a very part time "job" for me, but something that every business has is a name. Previously, this blog was called The Little Woman blog and that was a name I loved. I felt like it represented myself and all the things I want this blog to be. However, it proved to be an insufficient name. If I wanted to direct someone to my blog I could not just tell them to google "The Little Woman blog". Why? Because everything concerning Louisa May Alcott's book Little Women would come up. And I mean pages and pages concerning that book. 


Another problem with The Little Woman blog was the domain. Telling people to visit thelittlewomanblog.wix.com/site was a mouthful and they probably wouldn't remember it! How could I ever reach more people if I couldn't even remember all the specifics of my own .com all the time?


So, I began searching for a domain name through Bluhost, which is a hosting website. This took for.ev.er. First I had to come up with a creative name that would represent my blog only and no other businesses/books/music/etc. I considered just making my domain my name, but what if I get married one day? Then I'm stuck with my maiden name as my domain. I began thinking of words that would represent my blog or me in general and adding adjectives or alliteration to them. Sadly, a lot of the ones I thought of were taken and others cost almost $2,000! 


I finally found Always Carolina. This is a name that I feel will represent me for years to come. If you want to know more about the background of this name, check out my About page! 


I bought Always Carolina through Bluhost and with that came Wordpress. I spent about a week trying to design a website on Wordpress, but nothing worked for me. In my opinion, Wordpress is not for beginners. Yes, they have plenty of free templates to choose from, but none of these had all of the features I wanted. Also, there was no way to transfer all of the content I have on this blog to the Wordpress blog. If you are tech savvy, Wordpress may be the thing for you, but for me it just wasn't.


I transferred my domain back over here to Wix. I love Wix. It is so easy to design a website on here! If you don't want to design your own website, you can choose from any of their templates (a lot of them are free) and from there, add or subtract things as you like! With transferring back to Wix, I also upgraded my website from a free subscription to a premium one. With this, I don't have any Wix ads on my website or in my domain! I can also send out an unlimited number of emails to my subscribers, use Google Analytics, and Wix gives you an allowance to advertise your blog! 


After all that, here we are with the new blog! I hope you like it and keep coming back to visit! Make sure to scroll to the bottom to subscribe to receive email updates from me!


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