Gifts for the College Girl - All Under $40!

December 14, 2016

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Today's gift guide includes six different options all under $40! The title says that this is for the college girl, but honestly all of these options would be perfect for your favorite high schooler or twenty-something! Click the links to shop each of these perfect gifts!


One. Ipsy Glambag - Ok so this one is $10 a month (which is less than $40!!!) but if you gift a year of Ipsy bags to someone, it costs $110 (obvi not less than $40 but they give you one free if you buy for a year!). My Ipsy bag is something I look forward to every month and I know a lot of girls would love to be surprised with this. I could talk about this for days but if you want to see my full run down on Ipsy bags, check out my post here!


Two. The Fireside Long Jane Pajamas - Pajamas for Christmas are just a must, right?? I got a pair of these in a different pattern last year for Christmas and they are definitely my favorites! I am also super picky about pajamas. I don't want them too baggy, I don't want them too warm, and I don't want them itchy (!!) but these meet all of my requirements. Basically they're perfect and your girl needs them!


Three. Fresh Balsam 3-Wick Candle - Two words. Merry. Christmas. That's what this candle says the second you light it! But, it's not that overpowering Christmas smell that makes you choke a little. It smells like Christmas tree and warmth and makes you want to snuggle. The Winter candle by Bath and Body Works also smells wonderful!  Also it is so pretty on the outside! I love a candle that smells and looks good. These are also on sale right now!


Four. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers - If I could give this to every high school/college-aged/twenty-something girl I would. This book captures your attention and your heart. It's a fictional take on the story of Hosea and is a beautiful illustration of Jesus's love for us as His bride! I talked about this book and another book by Francine Rivers in my Summer 2016 book review, which you can find here.


Five. Clarks Metallic Moccasin Slippers - If you get pajamas, then you obviously need slippers to go with them! Once the month of November hits, you will not find me without my Ugg slippers on. These aren't Ugg brand, but I tried them on at TJ Maxx and they feel the exact same. These are even better than the Ugg slippers because they are only $25 and are metallic gold! Your college girl will love these so much, she may even wear them to class (and that is totally acceptable)!


Six. Citrus Floral Recipe Box - A unique and personal gift idea would be to gift your college girl a cute recipe box and start filling out the recipe cards with your favorite recipes! This is my first year in an apartment and I can't tell you how many times I wish I had a recipe box with all of my family's/friend's recipes in them. Yes, Pinterest is great, but sometimes those recipes are unfamiliar and kind of a shot in the dark. I am sure a lot of new cooks feel the same. Give your college girl your tried and true (and easiest) recipes in a cute box to help decorate her kitchen!


I've added one as a last minute gift idea!

Get your college girl one of these Evelyn Henson prints of her town and frame it! These are so cute and will be so special to her not only now but even after graduation! There are also so many towns to choose from, not just South Carolina ones!


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