Denver in a Weekend

November 10, 2016

Two weeks ago I went to Denver for the weekend with my family and it was a much needed mini-vacation! I had never seen the Rocky Mountains before and was especially excited to be going at the end of October, with all of the leaves changing and the weather getting cooler!


So I took some pictures of the things we did in the short weekend there, and want to share them!

Flying in, everything was brown. I thought maybe this was just because we were so high up, but nope. Everything was brown on the ground as well, and there were absolutely no trees. This was very different for me, but I now know what the Dixie Chicks meant by wide open spaces. 


It was almost dinner time whenever we landed, so there wasn't much time for adventuring. We went straight to this brick oven pizza place.

My mom, cousin, and I shared a pizza with chicken, sundried tomatoes, spinach, and goat cheese!


After that, we walked around downtown and ended up at....

 My mom and I split one of the ten peanut butter flavors they have and it was amazing as usual. 


The next morning we woke up early and went to eat breakfast at 

This little restaurant was in a train station called Union Station (I think they have one of these in every city lol). 

This was inside the train station. Off of this main room was a bunch of hallways with restaurants and souvenir shops down them. 

 And there were little suites upstairs! I want to stay in one some day!

The table was small for six of us, but that makes it all the more cozy!

My mom and I both got an omelette with spinach, goat cheese, and tomato. Sounds like pizza we had the night before! We also got a pineapple upside down pancake (lower right), pumpkin pancakes that had toasted sunflower seeds and cream cheese icing (upper left), and a sampler plate with two chocolate chip pancakes and a cinnamon roll pancake. Our waitress said her favorite thing on the menu was the cinnamon roll pancake and it really was amazing. 


Then we walked around the train station, which had the cutest flower shop set up in the lobby.

This florist was so talented and every bouquet/arrangement looked like something straight off of my Pinterest board. 

On our walk back to the hotel, we passed the cutest bookstore, The Tattered Cover Bookstore. 

It was exactly what you think it would be, so homey and lived in. 

My favorite part were the little notes employees left under their favorite books that told you why they loved it. Makes the bookstore so personal. 

They also had this book, and after flipping through it, I think it should be something you get your daughter/sister/niece/friend/whatever for Christmas. 


We also toured the Coors factory. I wasn't really into this because I'm not 21 but the adults loved it. The smell was also very interesting (but bad). It was pretty impressive how quickly they produce cases and cases of beer. If you're interested in the production of beer, a Coors fan, or are just looking for something free to do in Denver, then this is a good option. 

But, I did love all of the copper! There were rows and rows of it!

Then we drove to the mountains. We went to Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park. This town, as well as all of the other towns on the way there like Lyons, was so cute! I wish we could have stopped and walked around these towns! There had all of those cute craft/homemade shops. 

The mountains were so beautiful and so different than the mountains I'm used to seeing! They aren't covered in trees and even had snow at the tops of them. That's pretty much unheard of in the south during October. 

There was also elk everywhere!!

I wish I had more pictures of the park but the sun set and it got dark so fast!


Snooze was so good, we went back the next morning!

My mom got Eggs Benedict but substituted the poached egg for scrambled eggs!

This was the OMG! French Toast. It literally makes you say omg because it is just that good. It's french toast with a layer of cream cheese filling, strawberries, and salted caramel sauce.


After breakfast, we went to Garden of the Gods, one of the parks outside of Denver. They had a walking trail so you can explore all the rocks up close or a driveway that's also nice. Even in the car you get pretty close to the rocks and can still see amazing views! We did a little bit of both.

 The pictures can't even capture how red, or how big, these rocks were!

Whenever we had our share of the outdoors for the day (it was hot!!!), we went shopping! I wish we had spent more time going to stores that were specifically "Denver" stores so that we could have brought back some unique finds. Maybe next time!


That night, we went to dinner at Bastien's. This place was in a more secluded part of Denver. This area looked like it was once downtown, but since it's prime, downtown has shifted a little bit. It was a little sketchy and pulling up to the restaurant was even sketchier. It looked like a Denny's straight out of the 70s or something. I was super skeptical. But, when we walked in, it was pretty dreamy!

Look at those copper panels!!


They are famous for their sugar steaks. They sound weird, but they are seasoned with a blend of sugars and spices. The steaks are caramelized which makes them so unique!

The sugar steak was delicious and I wish we had a Bastien's close by! Don't judge a book by its cover!


That was the last night in Denver and we woke up early the next morning to fly home :( Everyone kept saying we just needed one more day and I agreed! But it was still a super fun adventure!




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