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November 2, 2016

Hi! Today I thought I would just share a fun weekend I had a couple of weeks ago!


I go to college at Clemson University and it is about 30 minutes from Greenville, SC. I would say Greenville is an up-and-coming city and it should be featured in Southern Living because it just has that kind of vibe to its downtown area!


So this weekend, Greenville had their Fall for Greenville festival. They have restaurants from all over the city come set up on main street downtown. Each restaurant has a limited menu set up with their best selling items and you pay for your food and drinks with tickets. They also have bands come in and provide entertainment. It was a great way to get out and try food from multiple restaurants at one time for cheap!


 Got our tickets!

 Trying to map out the hot spots haha!

 I know this isn't the prettiest food pic, but I just had to document it so I could remember this deliciousness forever. Barbecue grilled shrimp with cheesy grit fritter. ANNNDDDD bourbon chocolate chip pecan pie amen

 My pretty friends! Alex and I were scouting out the food of course

 Homemade ice cream sandwich and a mini pie! yummm

 shirt (similar)  /   pants


 My favorite girls in Clemson!


The next day was Clemson's homecoming game. My parents missed this game and I missed getting to tailgate with them, but it was a noon game so not a whole lot of tailgating was happening anyways. 

The band's pregame show! 

The cannon went off, the balloons were released, and the team ran down the hill.


 Everyone celebrating after the first touchdown. Lately Clemson has been giving us heart attacks pretty much every weekend, so I'd say we need every touchdown we can get :) But we're 8-0!!!


After the game, my friend Amelia and I walked around looking at all the beautiful floats. Each fraternity pairs up with a sorority or two and constructs these floats out of chicken wire and tissue paper. Some of them even move!

 This one won first place! It had so much detail to it!


 This was my sorority's and we won second!

Sooo hot then and even now at the beginning of November!

On Sunday I did what I always do on Sundays:  church, cook, study. I usually cook something on Sunday that I can pack for lunch Monday through Thursday. I try to make it as healthy as possible. This particular Sunday I made this recipe but added a few things. I added shredded chicken  and broccoli. I really wanted it to be colorful, but it just ended up looking like Christmas haha (ps only 7 more Mondays until Christmas)


And that sums up my weekend! I hope you have a good week!


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