St. John, USVI Part II

September 5, 2016

Thank you for coming back to check out my St. John journey! I'm going to jump right in!


Day 1


On this day, we explored Maho Bay!

 This day was extra special because it was my 20th birthday! 

There is nothing more I would rather do than sit on a beach (especially if the water is this pretty) and read a book on my birthday!


On Day 3, we spent the day at Maho Beach. This was a lowkey day, but it was still one of my favorites. The beach wasn't crowded which was so nice! Maho does not have a ton of coral, but we did see stingray and SEA TURTLES. If there is a grassy area in the water off the beach, you need to swim there and hang out for a second because you will probably see a sea turtle, or four. We swam right down to the bottom and kept up with them. It was so cool to touch their shells! I wish I could show you guys a clearer view, but I can't put video files on here (and if I can, I haven't figured that out yet)!

 Day 4

 On this day we rented a catamaran (sailboat), and it was a legit sailboat. It came with a captain and a crewman and our captain told us our boat was one of the only boats that actually sails. There are other catamarans of course, but they mostly use the motor to move around. We sailed around to three different spots and jumped out and snorkeled. In my previous post, I talked about how Waterlemon Cay had the best snorkeling, well the places we went on the boat gave Waterlemon a run for its money. These spots were only accessible by boat, so I really have no idea where they were. The only way to describe the uniqueness of the coral was that it is a testament to God's creativity because He is SO creative. This snorkeling was different from any of the other snorkeling we had done because it was shallow in areas. I felt like I had to suck in my stomach so I didn't touch anything!

We watched the sunset on the boat and it couldn't have been better. After getting off the boat, we walked around Cruz Bay and ate at The Longboard. It was mostly a taco/bowl sit down restaurant. The owners are from Charleston, which I thought was really cool! Below is the shrimp taco and flank steak taco and the fried avocado bowl. Yes, fried avocado, amen.

Day 5


Deep. Sea. Fishing. I never thought I would do this, but I did. Warning: if you get sea sick, DO NOT go deep sea fishing. I don't really get sea sick, but my little brother does and he did not have a great time. I honestly don't have any pictures from this adventure. I was scared to get my phone out and drop it in the ocean! The waves were rough! 

The first fish we (my dad) caught was a black-fin tuna. Our captain grabbed the fish from the hook and started digging his fingers into it. Then, he ripped out the fish's heart and gave it to my dad. That thing was still beating!! He told my dad he had to eat it for good luck on the fishing trip. And guess what! My dad did it! We were all dying with disgust, but it's funny to look back on it. 

We caught black-fin tuna and rainbow runners, and we ate them for dinner! Soooo delicious and it just doesn't get fresher than that!


After fishing, we got on the ferry and headed over to St. Thomas for some shopping. They have tons of shops with great deals, like 10% and no tax on all jewelry (including David Yurman, John Hardy, Michael Kors, etc). They also have a little straw market. Those are  fun to go to because you can get some really cheap souvenirs, but you also have to deal with the haggling. I only came back with a wire ring and unfortunately, it already broke. Oh well!


That is the end of the St. John adventures, for now! Be on the lookout for some of my Vacation Style and traveling tips from the trip!


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