Southern Hospitality

August 23, 2016

A couple of weeks ago, my cousins and I drove to Sara's Peach Stand for a homemade ice cream treat and snapped a few pics! This stand is a few miles down the road from The Peach Capital of the USA. Haha I think that is the only thing the town can boast about!


I love the slow pace and simplicity of southern life, but when thinking about all things southern, the thing I love most is the hospitality! I was talking with my grandma about a month ago and she told me a story that made me appreciate this even more. In the heat of the day (so basically a heat index of 102 at 3 pm), a boy knocked on the door panting and dripping with sweat. He had been riding his bike in the neighborhood and became exhausted. He just couldn't make it home without knocking on a stranger's door for help. Lucky for him, he knocked on the best door on the street. My grandma always has a kitchen stocked full of ice creams, candies, cookies, and cakes. She took him inside, gave him water, offered him a dozen desserts, and sat and talked with him for about 30 minutes. After refusing to be driven home, he left on his bike in good spirits and good health. 


This story may not seem like anything out-of-the-ordinary for a grandma to do, but what about me? I think my generation gets so caught up in making sure ourselves are comfortable and have everything that we want. We never even consider this wonderful characteristic of hospitality. 


I want to be hospitable, not just in the nature that I will open the door for a kid that needs a drink, but in my personal self. I want to be a person that makes people feel at home just by talking to them! The only way to do this is following Jesus. He was the most hospitable; people came up to him for anything, knowing He would be loving. When God calls me to be open-armed, it will be much more fulfilling to obey than to give in to my introvert tendencies! Trying to learn this and teach myself how to hug other people with my words!


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