Out of all the girly topics, beauty is hands down my favorite! I love makeup and skincare and I am constantly testing out new products. With this page, I hope to pass down my knowledge of special application tips and holy grail products. 

August 9, 2018

Today, I wanted to share the new part of my skincare routine: the Zoe Sonic Beauty Device. It is a vibrating, silicone facial-cleansing-and-product-applying device to meet all of your beauty needs!

May 18, 2018

Introducing you to the brand Colourpop, what makes it so special, and my must-have products!

April 19, 2018

If you haven't heard, your local Rite Aid is probably closing. If it isn't, it will be very soon! All of the South Carolina and Georgia stores are closing and North Carolina stores are going from over 200 to 9. With this drugstore chain closing, this means major sales...

January 25, 2018

Many girls have beautiful eyeshadow palettes with dozens of colors to choose from but find themselves using only three or four! Most of the time, this is because they get so used to one specific color combination and are not comfortable mixing other colors. Today, I am...

January 18, 2018

This super cold weather can do a number on your skin! I struggle with my skin so much during the winter, but I feel like I have developed a consistent routine that helps my skin stay clear and moisturized. 

Today, I wanted to share that routine with you! This is the rou...

January 5, 2018

With the start of the new year and reflecting on 2017, I wanted to share my most-used and most-loved makeup products from the past year! Below, I have listed my favorite in each category. Some of them have multiple products because making decisions is hard! Not all of...

December 22, 2017

My last Ipsy Glam Bag Roundup!! Ipsy bags are the funnest! They have truly cured my itch to spend $50 a month on new makeup. I don't actually do it, but the craving to do it is too real. In case you don't know about Ipsy, they let you try new beauty products for a reas...

December 7, 2017

Today, I am sharing my Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover! These are gift ideas for the girl in your life that could stay in Sephora all day or maybe they are gift ideas for yourself. Also, if a word, the name of something, or a number appears blue, you can click on it an...

November 30, 2017

Barefoot Blonde Hair is a line of hair extensions founded by blogger, Amber Fillerup. I have been following her blog for years, and when she launched her extensions a year ago, I was so curious to find out what the quality would be like, what the color selection would...

November 9, 2017

Yesterday, I was washing my makeup brushes and realized I have never shared my favorite ones with you guys. So today, I am breaking down my favorites and why I think they are the best. 

Before I get into that, let me talk about brush care for a second. If you take care...

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